Elon Musk’s satellite network crossed the sky on the night of last Sunday, May 10, the internet “freaked out” with the phenomenon.

The event, which lasted about twenty minutes, could be seen from several Brazilian cities around 6:30 pm and it didn’t take long for Internet users to start commenting on the strange objects, some of them frightened, thinking that they were UFOs - unidentified flying objects - while others are already aware of what it was about. In a few minutes, the word Starlink, the name of the South African billionaire’s network, was already one of the most talked about subjects on Twitter, reaching the country’s Trending Topics.

The chance to see tickets like these are quite rare, as Starlink can only be seen with the naked eye until three or four weeks after its launch. In addition to the short period in which it can be seen, another factor that impacts on the possibility of being able to see the case satellites is the current weather: it is only possible to see at night and the sky needs to be clear. Due to social isolation, there is less pollution in Brazilian cities, so it made it easier for satellites to be visible.

Whoever missed the first pass will have other opportunities to see, however. The satellites will pass through Brazil again and will be able to be seen today, May 11, around 7 pm to 7:30 pm. Anyone who misses the chance to see today will have one last chance tomorrow, May 12, between 6 pm and 6:30 pm.

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So, did you get to see the first row of satellites? If not, run to see if you can see the network passing today!


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