The key themes of Frank Ocean’s incredible career. The personality of this artist is such that his two albums hardly have collaborations, even though he began to make a name in the industry by working as a producer and songwriter for others .

That’s why we wanted to select solo songs and some featurings , because his vision of each project is so different, that he manages to shine in any situation.


So we wanted to bring back Channel Orange’s ‘Thinkin Bout You’ , their first album, released in 2012. This heartbreak song overwhelmed everyone and made many discover Frank’s sensitivity and talent.

His performance on SNL continues to be remembered to this day and he opted for a Grammy thanks to this song, which did not come at that time but was not long in coming.

Without a doubt this single marked the beginning of everything incredible that was to come.


On Ocean’s second album we find ‘Nike’ , a critique of materialism and posture (hence its title). The magic that the artist creates in each song is unique and for that reason, this is one of the most acclaimed of his career.

This album is considered one of the best of the past decade and in part, it is thanks to ‘Nikes’ and Frank Ocean’s refined and surprising style, which makes the energy flow differently when any of his songs are played.


Right after squeezing every last drop from ‘Blonde’ , Frank released ‘Chanel’ , a single that has racked up hundreds of millions of views and grabs you like no other.

If you are a follower of Ocean you have surely listened to this key theme of his career, but we are sure that even without knowing it, you have heard it so many times.

In addition, ‘Chanel’ perfectly evidences that inability to pigeonhole that the artist has, who embraces any sound and makes it his own.


Frank Ocean’s voice is so iconic that when we hear ‘No Church In The Wild’ from The Throne , wanted to know immediately who was the architect of those first verses full of strength.

Of course he was the one who managed to divert the gaze from Jay-Z and Kanye West , and practically steal the prominence of the song from them.

This is undoubtedly one of his best collaborations , although we can also highlight others like the one you will see below.


Although if we look more at the mainstream industry , ‘Slide’ has sounded much more than the previous one. In this case, Frank Ocean’s company is marked by Migos and Calvin Harris, the originator of this hit.

The song debuted in and marked its summer, receiving several Platinum and Gold certificates in countries around the world. His pop, disco and hypnotizing rhythm went around the Earth, to the point where surely many people knew Ocean for his verses on it.


What’s more, even Beyoncé herself wanted to collaborate with him, that’s why she did the backing vocals for ‘Pink + White’, a song from ‘Blond’, without even appearing in the title.

So no, it is not a featuring, but we all know that Queen B is part of the song and therefore, it is also key to understanding Frank Ocean’s career.

If you still did not love this artist, here are reasons enough to do so, since although he maintains a very low profile in the industry, he has caused a sensation around the world. To the point where his fans kicked Drake off a stage, thinking that he would be the one to occupy it.

So don’t wait any longer and sit back and enjoy the key themes of Frank Ocean’s career.


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