Oh My Girl has given a photo report to The Star magazine, where they discussed their recent success with Nonstop. They said:

Thinking about it, this is our first time filming with just the four of us. I liked that it wasn’t a feminine or innocent concept, and it was nice to have group shots and individual shots where we were able to try various poses that we had never done before. ”

I didn’t even dream of getting number 1. It’s not easy to get number 1, so I thought we’d have to go through a lot of ups and downs on the charts. It seems that we have skipped the middle step and just jumped [to the top]. ”

I was amazed at how much love we received. It didn’t seem real to me, and I remember being a bit stunned.

I don’t have a strong enough personality to despise anyone

Every time I see an object and write about how it makes me feel, I always think about how someone else will read it. I get a lot of inspiration from [people] who are not afraid to express themselves. When promoting as a celebrity, you may have limitations in expression, but I want to show as many different things as I can within those limits.

Take a look at the photos:

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