The events continued on the second day after a black man was shot dead by the police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The White House stated that federal security forces could be sent to the city.

In Philadelphia, 27-year-old black American Walter Wallace, who had a knife in his hand and was reported to have a nervous breakdown by relatives, was shot dead in front of his mother by police on Monday.

The streets of Philadelphia have been tense since the incident. Hundreds of demonstrators were in the streets to protest, demanding justice, on Tuesday night. The demonstrations started peacefully as the night before, but tension escalated as the weather got dark.

There was a clash between some demonstrators and security forces, some shops were looted.

Police shut down the area to the west of the city where businesses were looted the night before. But looters looted businesses and shops in the city’s Port Richmond area.

Wallace’s father’s call to “end the violence”

Walter Wallace’s father, who was shot and killed by the police, called on the demonstrators to end the violence.

“I cannot tolerate the violence, the destruction of the city, the looting of shops and all this chaos. “This is a call for help, not for harm,” he said.

Wallace called for justice in the investigation launched into his son’s death.

30 detentions in New York There were incidents in other cities of the USA after Wallace was killed by the police.

Police detained about 30 people in New York City, where hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in Brooklyn to protest Tuesday night.

According to the police statement, one police officer was slightly injured during the demonstrations. Some police vehicles were damaged. NBC channel reported that a person was trying to dive between his car and a group of cops.

Pennsylvania is one of the contested states

With the events, Philadelphia was the last city in the United States where there was a debate about discrimination, race and the use of force by the police, six days before the elections.

The picture that emerged after the events in Philadelphia resembled the events that took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and Kenosha, Wisconsin, in recent months.

With its largely minority population, Philadelphia is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania and also one of the places where the election race between President Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden is expected to be contentious.

Message from Biden “Wallace’s life was important”, federal security forces offer from the White House

US President Donald Trump frequently raised the issue of ensuring security in cities in his election campaign with his “law and order” rhetoric.

In a statement made by the White House, it was stated that the Trump administration is ready to use all federal resources to put an end to the events.

Speaking on Fox & Friends on the Fox news channel, Alyssa Farah, White House Communications Director said, “We are following the situation closely. If necessary, we are ready to use federal facilities. President Trump will not tolerate violence against America’s security forces. “We will wait for the investigation and the facts to be revealed, but we will not allow lawlessness in our streets,” he said.

Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden, on the other hand, said that while supporting the police, he also wanted to deal with reforms needed to solve racial inequality.

“We’re very sorry for Walter Wallace’s family and those who learn that another black man has died in America,” Biden said on Twitter. Walter’s life was important, ”he said, referring to the US Black Lives Matter movement.

President Trump, on the other hand, offered to send federal security forces to Philadelphia, emphasizing the theme of law and order he used in his election campaign.

The Trump administration had also sent federal security forces to other cities where similar violence was experienced, despite local officials’ refusal.

In the events of the previous night in Philadelphia, 30 police officers were injured and 90 people were detained.

Image of the event was shared on social media

Prior to the recent violence in the city, images of Wallace’s shooting moment taken by mobile phone were shared on social media. The footage shows Wallace approaching the two police officers pulling their guns and warning him to release the knife.

It is seen that the cops are starting to withdraw, and then gun shots are heard. At the end of the image, Wallace is seen falling to the ground.


“He had psychological problems, the police knew”

Shaka Johnson, the family’s lawyer, stated that Wallace had bipolar disorder and that his wife told the police that Wallace was suffering from psychological problems.

The family noted that the police came to the Wallaces’ home three times on Monday, when they were aware that Wallace had a nervous breakdown.

The family’s lawyer stated that Wallace’s wife, Dominique Johnson, who has nine children, is pregnant and will give birth today.

“When you arrive at the scene where someone has a nervous breakdown, is the weapon the only tool you have?” he asked.

Attorney Johnson said Philadelphia police were not properly trained in how to deal with nervous breakdown cases. Lawyer Johnson stated that Wallace’s brother called 911 to request an ambulance and assistance.

According to the lawyer, the moment the family had a nervous breakdown, the family asked for an ambulance, not police intervention.

Police argued that Wallace, 27, had a knife in his hand and did not heed the police’s warnings.


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