Exceeding 270 Votes, US Media Claims Biden’s Victory In The 2020 Presidential Election. Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, Has Been Projected To Win By At Least 7 US Media Such As CNN, Associated Press, And Fox News. Previously, This Has Also Been Claimed By The HQ Decision Desk Institution.

The final results of the 2020 United States Presidential Election are starting to appear. Because on Saturday local time, or Sunday in Indonesia, several media which covered the event of the democratic party had projected the final result.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was declared the winner in the 2020 elections. Collected from 7 US media, Biden was declared victorious after earning more than 270 electoral votes .

CNN media reported Biden won with 273 votes, while Trump got 213 votes. Similar results are projected by the media NBC , CBS and BBC . Previously, the HQ Decision Desk Expert Institute had also projected similar results.

Different results are shown in several other media. For example, the Associated Press and Bloomberg stated that Biden won with 284 electoral votes , while Fox News recorded 290 votes for Biden.

Biden’s victory was already evident when several “key” states were successfully held, including Pennsylvania and Georgia. However, quoted from the BBC , currently there are still states that have not completed their vote count, such as Wisconsin.

The assumption of success for Biden at the White House was also revealed by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi . Pelosi described the former Vice President of the Barack Obama era as a figure who holds a mandate for the US.

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If these media projections are correct, then the current President, Donald Trump , will be the first head of state in the US to only serve one term since 1990. However, the final results of the US Presidential Election are likely to be long since several states still have the opportunity to count ballots. those who enter, especially those via the postal method.

It should be noted that since the first day votes began to be counted, the support for Biden and Trump has indeed competed with each other. And throughout the process Biden maintained his confidence to win the presidential election, while Trump unilaterally announced his success.

Not only claiming his party won, Trump also accused the election of fraud. This led to Trump’s side raising funds of up to USD 60 million to file a presidential election fraud suit.

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