SM Entertainment Has Announced That Jisung Has A Knee Injury. This Made The 2002-Born Member Not Take Part In The Show For A While.

Unhappy news has come for NCT fans . The reason is, it was recently announced that one of its members, Jisung, will be taking a temporary break from future activities including performing on stage. This was conveyed directly by SM Entertainment as the agency that oversees NCT.

Today, Wednesday (4/11) SM Entertainment has announced that Jisung has a knee injury. This made the 2002-born member not take part in the show for a while. The following reads the statement released by the agency:

“Hello, This is SM Entertainment. We are writing to fans about the activities of Jisung members. Member Jisung suffered a knee injury this year during choreography practice, and he received treatment.

It was judged that it would be difficult for him to perform excessive moves such as a dance performance in his current state. Therefore, after discussing with Jisung, it was decided that he would not take part in any future scheduled activities that include performances.

We ask for your understanding from fans. Since our artist’s recovery from his injury is the top priority, we will do our best for his treatment. Thank you.”

Jisung himself was previously known to have suffered a knee injury last August while attending the 2020 Soribada Best KMusic Awards. When NCT Dream appeared on stage, Jisung could not join his colleagues who sang while sitting on a chair.

Seeing this, these fans entertained the 2002-born singer through social media. The hashtag #GetWellSoonJisung became a trending topic along with the Soribada Best KMusic Awards 2020. Together with this hashtag, fans conveyed messages of love and support for Jisung.

Meanwhile, Jisung is currently busy with the promotion of the NCT 2020 project with 22 other members. Jisung himself is known to have participated in singing the song “Faded in My Last Song”. The members who will sing the song include Taeil NCT , Johnny , Yuta , Ten , Lucas , Renjun , and Haechan .


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