Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer NIO will sell ES8 SUV and ET7 Sedan models for the first time in Norway. The pre-order process is scheduled for next July, and the first delivery is scheduled for September.

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer NIO has finally entered the European market. The company will first offer the ES8 SUV and ET7 Sedan models in Norway. In the statement made, it was stated that if there is sufficient demand, it is possible to enter the UK market.

In Norway, NIO’s first market in Europe, the pre-order process for the ES8 SUV will begin next July. The first deliveries for the model in question are scheduled for September. The ET7 Sedan will not go on sale before next year.

Battery exchange stations are also coming to Europe

NIO will also contribute to the development of the charging network in Norway. This includes the Chinese manufacturer’s innovative battery exchange stations. In this context, the first four stations are planned to be put into operation before the end of the year. In 2022, 12 more stations will be established, thus creating a network between Norway’s five cities.

The battery exchange stations of the Chinese manufacturer are quite remarkable. The company states that thanks to these stations, its customers get rid of long waiting times during charging. At these stations, which have an autonomous system, the driver simply parks his vehicle in the service unit. Installing a full battery also takes only 3 minutes.

If you ask what is the logic of battery replacement, NIO customers can buy their cars at a cheaper price, without the battery included. They use the battery by paying a monthly subscription fee. In this way, there is no problem when the battery in the vehicle is changed.

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