More details about the models continue to be revealed before Intel’s upcoming discrete graphics cards. The diagram of the card containing the 128 EU GPU has surfaced.

Intel is about to reap the fruits of the discrete graphics project. The diagram designs of the cards continue to be shared.

The latest images shared by Igor’s Lab belong to the Tiger Lake-H motherboard hosting a 128 EU GPU. The diagram includes 6 memory modules, but 4 of them are connected to the GPU.

It is emphasized that the remaining 2 memory modules may be the system memory integrated into the motherboard for the Tiger Lake-H processor.

According to what has been shared so far, we know that the DG2-128 EU option will include 4 GB GDDR6 type memory.

On the other hand, this diagram is not the first to appear. Last year, the design of the card carrying the GPU with 384 EU, which will share the same package with the 512 EU chip, has also leaked. Note that future cards with a higher EU number will be combined with a larger chip and a higher capacity VRAM unit.

First graphics card with DP 2.0 support

In addition to the shared visual, the interface diagram of the card is among those that have emerged. It is seen that the card to be transferred over the HDMI 2.0 and DP 2.0 interface will communicate with the system over 12 PCIe 4.0 paths.

It is unknown when the image was prepared. Therefore, the HDMI version can be updated to 2.1 in the final model. Additionally, the DG2 seems to be the first DP 2.0 supported graphics card on the market.

Finally, although the 12 PCIe channels appear to be outside of the generally preferred number of channels, it should not be forgotten that there will be entry-level options in the DG2 family.

Lastly, although there is an option with a 512 EU model followed by a 416 EU option, the model has not been seen in Intel’s documents.

According to Igor, the 128 EU SKU 4-5 will start voluminous production at the end of October as early as mid-December. The volume production of the expected player GPU with 512 EU will start again from the middle of December.

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