After DLSS, users have been waiting for an answer from AMD for a long time. The super scaling solution developed by the company may be made available earlier than expected.

Although many years have passed since Nvidia announced the DLSS, the AMD side has still not been able to offer a tangible improvement to the players.

The most recent Scott Herkelman announcement that the FidelityFX Super Resolution will be available this year, but avoiding giving a clear date made AMD think that FidelityFX was still incomplete.

May be ready for June

However, according to the latest video of Coreteks, known for his previous posts, FSR will be available next June.

The creator based its claim on several developers, including a small game studio. This heralds that the FidelityFX package has already begun to be distributed to developers.

Unlike DLSS’s mechanism that extends to the hardware level, FSR is a technology that will work in the last stages. While this means less work on the game producers, it does not require stages such as artificial intelligence training.

Although there is a positive comment on the performance of the FSR, the lack of information on the situation against DLSS raises questions about the performance of the FSR.

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