Galaxy S21 controversy continues in the smartphone market. Because users compare the whole series with the previous generation Galaxy S20, and we encounter many shortcomings in the Galaxy S21 series. Today, we think that a criticism from users is very important. Because when we look at this complaint, a complete industrial design error greets us. The Galaxy S21 Sim Card slot seems to be a big problem.



Because the sim card slot is located under the phone, and the needle required to insert a sim card seems to be easily confused with the microphone. Criticism about this has already begun to come. When the phone first comes out of the box, Samsung clearly shows where and where to insert the sim card pin, but this situation can be forgotten over time.

If you stick the needle in the wrong place, it could possibly seriously damage your microphone. If Samsung wants to prevent this; In Galaxy S22 series, it can put the sim card drawer on the phone. Or, by adjusting the thickness of the sim card needle, it can be prevented from entering the microphone hole.

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Editor’s Comment

Although the charger does not come out of the box, the resolution has been reduced compared to the previous year, a funny charging support today, such as 25W, while last year’s camera equipment “power” the Galaxy S21 series, the Sim Card Hole; Doesn’t the zurna have the last hole?


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