Intel states that by 2023, autonomous vehicles will be ready for commercial use, led by an organization focused on driverless car technologies called Mobileye.

It has been nearly 4 years since Intel acquired Mobileye company. Mobileye is an organization that has made various breakthroughs in the development of driverless cars and is the leading supplier of hardware and software that power the systems in this sector. Having a 70% market share in autonomous driving a few years ago, this company aims to reach a position that can lead the developing autonomous driving sector, especially with the effect of the pandemic period. Intel, on the other hand, is very hopeful for the commercial use of autonomous vehicles working on Mobileye basis until 2023 at the latest, in line with this goal.

Mobileye announced on Monday that its self-driving technology arm will be called the Mobileye Drive brand. The company described Mobileye Drive as “a turnkey autonomous system ready for commercial distribution at large scale.” This system will have 13 cameras, three long-range LIDARs, six short-range LIDARs and six radars. It is among those announced in the announcement that the mentioned hardware will also work under the control of the Mobileye EyeQ 5 processor. In addition, Mobileye says the Drive system will be ready for commercial use by 2023. If this happens, it will likely have a big repercussion. In the last five years, most driverless car initiatives announced a forward-looking launch date, but all had to be canceled later.

In addition to having strong relationships with major automakers, Mobileye plans to market the Drive system to non-automakers. Mobileye announced on Monday that it will sell Mobileye Drive technology to Udelv, an autonomous distribution company. With this partnership, Udelv plans to produce at least 35,000 delivery robots with Drive supported between 2023 and 2028. Mobileye hopes this will be the first sale of the Drive system. It is among the predictions that the company will gain great momentum in the autonomous vehicle industry with the agreements it will make in the future.


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