LG XBOOM Go Jellybean series brings the joy of April 23 to the homes with its colorful chirping image and high sound quality.

LG Electronics is presenting a fun and enthusiastic gift to the little ones on the occasion of April 23rd, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. XBOOM Go PL2 and Jellybean series speakers, which will allow everyone in the house to have fun with music, as well as children, will be available at advantageous prices special for April 23.

LG XBOOM Go PL2 and Jellybean series Bluetooth speakers aim to be the favorite entertainment tool not only for children but also for the whole family, with excellent sound quality supported by MERIDIAN technology, attractive colors and easy transportation.

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Designed Inspired by Confectionery Flavors
XBOOM Go Jellybeans in 3 different colors, lemon yellow, candy pink and ice blue, each designed inspired by the flavors of confectionery, and the classic dark gray PL2 stand out with their stylish and round design with rubber coating. It is easy to carry and wireless, adds entertainment to the entertainment with its sound quality and image.

Featuring the technology of British leading audio brand MERIDIAN, XBOOM Go series Bluetooth speakers offer superior sound quality, as well as deep bass and rich tones every time music plays. The Sound Boost feature of the product expands the sound field by increasing the sound power. It is enough for users to press the button to experience the family party atmosphere.

The fact that LG XBOOM Go Jellybeans are IPX5 class means that the device will continue to work even if it gets wet. The 10-hour battery life eliminates the hassle of charging.


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