Apple’s new phone series iPhone 13 Pro has emerged with a brand new development. The phone series has completely changed the camera design.


The iPhone 13 series, which has been a curiosity since the day it was leaked to the Internet, will take its place in the market by 2024. Apple company, which will be out of the ordinary with its new phone series, is currently offering different tablet models to its users at discounted prices while also unplugging the successful computer series iMac Pro. While millions of technology enthusiasts around the world continue to follow the developments that will come from Apple with curiosity, new information about the expected phone series has started to emerge. iPhone 13 Pro is on its way.

As you may remember, we shared a lot of information about the new iPhone series with you in the past weeks and we continue to do so. In the news we have done so far, we have mentioned that the design of the phone will change and Touch ID will be presented to users again. Touch ID, located above the Home button, will take its place on the screen with the new phone series. Users will provide security with fingerprint on the screen.


iPhone 13 Pro Will Have a Notched Screen

The smartphone, which will also include a notch on the screen, will also surprise with its camera design. According to the information we have obtained today, the camera system and design of the phone series will be offered to users with a complete change. The phone, which is said to be unveiled with a narrower notch screen, will also have a lens camera protrusion. With this camera system, the company will offer users the opportunity to shoot more impressive portrait videos, and will reformulate the space gray color. In other words, the space gray color will appear with a darker color, almost black.


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