The director of Thor: Love and Thunder, the new movie in the Thor franchise, one of the most anticipated movies in the Marvel universe, said the movie could be the best Marvel movie ever.

As you know, the new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe created by Disney will begin with Black Widow. One of the most curious movies in this new era is undoubtedly Thor: Love and Thunder, the new movie of the Thor series. An exciting statement came from Thor: Love and Thunder recently.

Taika Waititi, the director of the movie, attended an interview. “This may be the best Marvel movie ever,” Waititi said in the interview, saying there are about 4 weeks to finish shooting. used the sentence. Previously, it was said by Marvel that it would be a similar movie to Endgame in terms of the characters and size of the movie. The players announced so far actually support this situation.

This movie is also expected to be a farewell to Chris Hemsworth and be replaced by Natalie Portman. Likewise, the fact that the film’s villain is Christian Bale is one of the details that increase the excitement.

The release date of Thor: Love and Thunder is May 6, 2022. The cast for the movie is Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Chris Pratt, Sean Gunn, Karen Gillan, Matt Damon and Russell Crowe.

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