Spider-Man 3 also joined the films postponed due to coronavirus. However, the film’s vision date was postponed only 1.5 months. At this point, we can say that Peter Parker’s next film is among the films least affected by the coronavirus.

Marvel, the company behind many films that have taken over the cinema industry and broke box-office records in recent years, announced that the next movie Spider-Man (Spider-Man) 3, which we co-produced with Sony and will feature Tom Holland, was postponed.

The coronavirus outbreak caused the closure of movie theaters all over the world, so many films planned to be released this year were either postponed to a later date or were completely suspended. Spider-Man 3 is also among the films postponed due to coronavirus, but the delay time is a bit interesting.

According to the statement made by Sony, the next Spider-Man movie, which will feature Tom Holland, was updated on December 5, 2021, as of December 17, 2021. Also, the vision date of James Cameron’s new movie Avatar 2, which is expected to break box office records, was postponed to 2022. So we’ll have to wait a little longer to see if Avatar 2 will break the blockbuster of Avengers: Endgame.

The first two Spider-Man films with Tom Holland were telling about Peter Parker, who was more a fan of Iron Man and in his footsteps. According to Marvel boss Kevin Peige, Spider-Man 3 will be the scene of a more independent Spider-Man, even though it traces from the neighborhood’s friendly superhero Avengers world.

To be honest, a one and a half month delay is a pretty optimistic time when we think Hollywood is almost completely closed for months due to coronavirus. Expectations are that Spider-Man 3 shots will be completed in February. When the dates show December 21, 2021, we will see Peter on the big screen once again.


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