The first details came from the new game of PlayDead studio, which has developed two of the most important games in the indie game industry such as Inside and Limbo.

Limbo is undoubtedly one of the leading games in the growth and popularization of the indie game industry. Limbo by developer Playdead and its subsequent release Inside were appreciated by many gamers and pioneered the growth of the indie game industry.

Playdead’s new game, which made an agreement with Epic Games in March of last year, also revealed new details recently. According to Playdead’s job posting, the studio’s new game will be developed with the Unreal Engine engine. In addition, the game will be an open world game with a third person perspective.

Although there is no exact explanation, we can say that this game will most likely be Epic Games on PC. Unfortunately, there is no other detail about the game for now, and we are not likely to learn new details anytime soon. However, with the job advertisement, some concept designs from the game were also revealed. You can also view them in the gallery section below.


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