Ford plans to use the traffic sign detection feature in the new generation cars for a different purpose. The company got a patent that drivers won’t like.

The advancing technology now allows cars to recognize traffic signs, but it looks like Ford will use this technology for a completely different purpose. The new technology, which is a candidate for controversy, has already been patented.

Drivers can no longer ignore billboards on the roads. The system patented by Ford will scan the billboards and display the information on the sign directly on the central screen of the vehicle.

It can open up additional income for Ford

The technology in question will display the advertiser’s products or services, store directions and contact information. Whether this will benefit the driver is a separate debate, but it will certainly benefit the automaker.

Advertisers will pay the company to show their products on the multimedia screen of Ford brand cars. As mentioned at the beginning, the system is still at the patent stage. When it becomes reality is unknown.

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