Here you will find the free Monopoly Plus link on PC. It will only be available for a limited time.

The coronavirus keeps millions of people in quarantine at home. For this reason, several companies in the entertainment industry have made their products much more flexible. Ubisoft will let you play Monopoly Plus for free.

The popular board game made the leap to video games and has been revamped with stunning graphics. You can play with the whole family or online with friends thanks to Ubisoft.

Through its UPlay virtual store, it gives you this title on PC. From today April 21 to the 27 of the same month you can download the game for free. You just need to download the Ubisoft virtual store at the following link and select Monopoly Plus.

In the case that you like this game and want to buy it, they will also give you that option; for now, the price is 18 soles and it has a 60% discount. We recommend that you keep an eye on the company store, as it will offer other games during the COVID-19 quarantine.


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