Raj Giri, of the specialized portal Wrestling Inc., has revealed today exclusively that WWE is working on new designs for two of its current championships. More specifically, it appears that the belts that will receive a facelift in the near future will be the NXT Championship and the WWE United States Championship.

As far as the NXT Championship is concerned, the new title is expected to be unchanged in design but larger in size. The top yellow mark title that can currently be seen on WWE programming is the belt’s second model, which went into effect at NXT TakeOver: Orlando in April 2017.

On the other hand, according to Wrestling Inc., the WWE United States Championship will undergo a design change. At the moment, it is unknown when the new belt will be presented, but everything seems to indicate that the company will wait until replicas are available to put on sale on its website when the new design is shown.

The WWE United States Championship has not changed in design since 2003, when the company reactivated and inherited the former WCW United States Championship. Since then, John Cena has been the only WWE superstar to use a custom design during his first three reigns with the title.


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