National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) television champion Zicky Dice has announced in an interview with reporter Sean Ross Sapp of his renewal with the company. The fighter has assured that his new contract expires during the first days of January 2021.

This contract was signed a few weeks ago, and is that Dice has stated that when he was crowned NWA television champion he had not yet signed a contract with them. “Believe it or not, I got the title without a contract under the table. If you think about it it’s a scary situation: You don’t want Zicky Dice to have a title with him without a contract because that means Zicky Dice could do whatever he wants.”

He says that he is happy to have signed with NWA because that way he can continue building his legacy and his brand. “The contract I have now is until the new year and we will see what will happen in the future. I have plans, but I already tell you that you will never know where you will see Zicky Dice, where he will end or where he will continue on his way.

I am looking to build the Zicky Dice path in the future and I am looking to build the brand that Dice will have and will carry in the future. I’m literally looking to take control of the masses so that Zicky Dice can be more popular than ever. “Dice captured the NWA television championship by beating former champion Ricky Starks in the episode of the company’s weekly show, Powerr, December 14, 2019.


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