The ex-wrestler of WWE, Zack Ryder, fired in the wave of departures from the company due to the coronavirus pandemic, has explained a curious story he has had with his ex-exeresa: they asked him for the house to record the segment of Otis and Mandy Rose in the pool, aired on the last SmackDown show.

In a new episode of his podcast, The Major Wrestling Figure, which he performs alongside another ex-wrestler from the company, Curt Hawkins, has related this story where his partner, the NXT fighter Chelsea Green, was also involved. And it was Green who received the message from the company.

“He was with Chelsea in the pool and he made a very strange face. I asked him what was going on and he told me that a WWE manager had asked him for our house to record a segment of Otis with Mandy Rose. I was very angry. I started to shake with the anger and rage I had. I had been fired and now they wanted to use my pool and my house, “he said.

Ryder continued talking about that story alleging the anger he had after learning of that favor. “I was about to put a tweet criticizing this, I was very angry at the time. And what made me even more angry is that they only asked him, they ignored me.”

The second part of that story had another character: Otis himself appeared at his house, and finally they accepted that they come to record that segment. “I think they were recording at the Performance Center on Monday and Tuesday, and my good friends John Morrison and The Miz said they were coming. They texted me and said, ‘Could Otis come with them? I thought they were playing a joke and I got madder. ”

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But Otis appeared, they talked about it, and in the end they agreed to do it. “I didn’t do it for WWE, I did it for my partner, I didn’t want to get her in trouble, and also because Otis did come to my house. Miz and Morrison weren’t kidding. He showed up and we were talking about everything, we talked about this and he He said he tasted bad. I really tell you that this boy is pure entertainment gold. I have fallen in love with this man. “


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