Jeff Hardy will face Sheamus at WWE Backlash.

From the looks of it, throughout the last episode of WWE SmackDown, the rivalry between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy has gotten to an overly personal point in their history that has resulted in them having their chance to settle their outstanding accounts on WWE Backlash.

What happened between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy in the last episode of SmackDown?

The show starts!

As we kick off this week’s show, we see footage of what happened in the last episode of WWE SmackDown. We see how Jeff Hardy was arrested and Elias was sent to the hospital by ambulance for the events that took place at the beginning of the program. We also see a summary of the match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan to determine the second finalist of the tournament for the Intercontinental title. Bryan took the victory thanks to the return of Jeff and he attacked Sheamus.

Jeff Hardy opens the show.

Jeff Hardy states that he is glad to see the public today and appreciates how WWE handled the situation last week. Hardy says he was hit last week in the Performance Center parking lot and remembers nothing afterward. Remember that he woke up and then the whole thing happened with the police. Jeff says he doesn’t want to go through difficult times in his life again, that he has a family and two daughters. Jeff says he is here to stay and when he was talking to the police who hit him and fit the profile described with a redhead beard… It was Sheamus.

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Sheamus appears to answer Jeff Hardy.

The Celtic Warrior asks Jeff Hardy to be a man for once in his life and admit what he did. For Sheamus, Jeff is a joke.

Jeff takes off his shirt and quickly goes for Sheamus. They start a brawl and finish with a Sheamus brogue kick. After finishing it off, he begins to stamp it against the protectors of the public.

After Sheamus’ attack, he gets booed by “You suck! You suck !, You suck! »


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