Stone Wars, will be the title of the second season of Dr. Stone, where he has confirmed his debut date, through a visual from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Before, it was only known that there was going to be a second season of Dr. Stone, the anime based on Boichi’s successful work, it was going to be arriving in January 2021.

But… .. thanks to a leak from Weekly Shonen Jump it can be confirmed that Stone Wars will begin airing on January 14 in Japan.

This can be found within the Crunchyroll platform so you should not suffer from looking for links or bad translations.

As mentioned is that within this second season we can see the battle between Senku and Tsukasa that they are in charge of shaping the future of a world that is currently petrified after a mysterious accident that turned all of humanity to stone.

Who else is excited to see the second season of Dr. Stone?


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