The Japanese company opens the reserves of its new collections of action figures and statues based on the remake of Final Fantasy VII.

After the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4, Square Enix opens the period of reserves for its new figures based on its successful video game, both in Play Arts or action figures and in fixed statues, all with the aspects of remake characters including Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, Barret, Sephiroth and more.

Action figures and statues
Thus, we can find a selection of up to three fixed figures of about 24 centimeters in height of three characters such as Cloud Strife, Sephiroth and Aeris Gainsborough with prices between 38.99 euros and 47.99 euros. On the other hand, we can also reserve the new Play Arts action figures of characters such as Spehiroth, Reno, Rude, Cloud, Aeris, Barret and Tifa, with a price of 142.99 euros per unit; It should be noted that the figures of Sephiroth, Reno and Rude currently have a 10% discount for their reservation.

The three new statues of Final Fantasy VII will go on sale this June, while the Play Arts will arrive between the end of this year and the beginning of 2021. We leave you with the list of figures available for reservation:

  • Cloud Strife (statue): € 43.99
  • Aeris Gainsborough (statue): € 38.99
  • Sephiroth (statue): € 47.99
  • Cloud Strife Ver. 2 (Play Arts): 142.99 euros
  • Aeris Gainsborough (Play Arts): 142.99 euros
  • Barret Wallace Ver. 2 (Play Arts): 142.99 euros
  • Tifa Lockhart (Play Arts): 142.99 euros
  • Sephiroth (Play Arts): 142.99 euros | Book with 10% discount: 128.69 euros
  • Reno (Play Arts): 142.99 euros | Book with 10% discount: 128.69 euros
  • Rude (Play Arts): 142.99 euros | Book with 10% discount: 128.69 euros
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According to Square Enix, these new collections from Final Fantasy VII Remake offer a look similar to that of their characters in the game, both in their faces and their appearance. In the case of Cloud, “this new version presents an updated face from the 3D model of the game. True to its in-game appearance, this detailed figure has been painted with special attention to small details such as Cloud’s confident demeanor, glossy pendant, and eye color. “Cloud is accompanied by a deadly sword that has a worn appearance with scratches and rusty parts, giving the impression that this weapon has lived through more than one combat,” details its official description.


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