We can say that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model has been verified for S-Pen support. Let’s remember what happened during this process. There were claims that we will see more phones support the S-Pen, the popular feature of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. This information has been confirmed, albeit indirectly, by Samsung administrators. The most popular Galaxy Note features will come to other models.


It was revealed in the FCC database that the Galaxy S21 Ultra model, which is expected to offer S-Pen support, offers this support. The model number in the example is SMG998B. Thus, Galaxy S21 Ultra was the first model that was certain to offer S-Pen support other than Galaxy Note. However, it is useful to remember that. It is stated that the model will not have a slot for the S-Pen. You may need to purchase the S-Pen separately to benefit from this support. However, special case versions with this support may also be released.

Other features that appear on the list include UWB (Ultra Wideband) support, NFC, wireless reverse charging, Wi-Fi 6E support. As the launch date approached, we knew more details about the model.


Galaxy S21 Ultra features

On the screen side, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is expected to come with a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen, will offer an adaptable 120Hz screen refresh rate support. Being adaptable, the device will be able to make refresh rate shifts according to the content displayed on the screen. For example, while you are watching video content at 60Hz, it will automatically rise to 120Hz levels in scenarios that require a more fluid experience, such as games.

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The model, which is expected to arrive with Snapdragon 888 in the American and Chinese versions, will be coming with the Exynos 2100 chipset, which is expected to be announced on January 12 in other regions. Any difference in performance between the two chipsets will result in more harm than good to Samsung. Especially when the competitors come with quite ambitious features.

The European version is expected to have 12GB RAM and 128GB initial storage capacity options. The main camera is expected to offer 108MP resolution, like its predecessor Galaxy S20 Ultra. Other sensors in the main camera setup are; The sensor with ultra wide angle lens offers 12MP resolution, while the telephoto sensor with 3x optical zoom support is expected to have 10MP resolution. It is also expected to be a 10MP resolution sensor that supports 10x optical zoom. While shooting 30fps videos in 8K resolution, it will be able to record 60fps videos in 4K resolution. The front camera is also expected to be 40MP.

Offering similar features to its predecessor model, the Galaxy S21 Ultra offers 45W fast charging support. Its battery will have a capacity of 5000mAh. The model, which will be introduced on January 14 as part of the Unpacked event, is expected to be available on January 29.


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