Apple, one of the most successful technology giants of today, has hit the agenda with iPhone 13 images today.


As I leave the first quarter of 2021 behind, new details about famous companies continue to emerge. While dozens of different smartphone manufacturers continue to launch their new smartphones, they do not neglect to bring different updates to their existing phones. Undoubtedly, the brand that has released the most updates since the day we entered 2021 was Samsung. While Apple does not release many updates for iPhone models, the technology giant is not currently on the agenda with the iPhone 13. Today, the clearest images of the new flagship have emerged. The design is awesome.

In the news we made recently, we talked about the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models, and we mentioned that these two smartphone models will appear until 2023. While we are currently waiting for the 13th phone of the series, visuals of the new series have also been released. The images that appeared on Twitter once again showed that the new flagship will appear in a very stylish way.

iPhone 13 Will Be Like Extraordinary

The new smartphone, which is known to appear with a smaller notch, will appeal to every user’s taste with different color options. As with other models, the phone, which will appear with a notched screen, will have a smaller notch compared to the past series. The phone model, which will say hello to its users with a battery with a capacity of 3.585mAh, will have the opportunity to take more beautiful photos and videos with the triple camera system as well as the 6.1-inch screen.

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