While the Covid-19 epidemic was said to be sufficient for people with only symptoms of the disease at the first time, it was said that it was enough to wear a mask, with the disease spreading and emerging in carriers without symptoms, everyone who entered the common area with them was obliged to wear a mask.



Because using a mask is known as a highly effective method of personal protection against respiratory infections. However, there are some points that need to be paid attention to using a mask. Using the wrong mask will bring people more harm than good.

In order to avoid this situation, the following steps should be followed while using the mask;

  • Before putting on the mask, hands are washed for at least 20 seconds with water as well as a normal soap.
  • The fold of the mask is kept on the outside.
  • The metal strip part is attached to the nose bridge.
    medical mask thread quality
  • How Can Quality Be Understood In Medical Mask?

Companies that manufacture medical mask thread need some certificates in order to create a Product Tracking System (UTS) record and to continue the production legally.

The use of a mask is not beneficial on its own unless all of the measures specified to prevent infection are applied, ie the mask alone cannot protect against COVID-19. Correct use of the mask will provide effective protection if you frequently clean your hands with alcohol-based hand disinfectant or soap, water, and keep the physical distance between you and other people.

It is necessary to consider that the protection of non-medical cloth masks made of breathable fabrics is limited. Cover your mouth and nose completely with a mask. Make sure there is no gap between your face and the mask.

How to Understand the Mask Quality?

The mask made of nylon fabric should not be preferred as it will sweat a lot on summer days. The cloth mask thread used in the cloth mask is also important. Masks made of cotton or silk fabric are the masks that should be preferred. In order to determine the mask quality, a simple method should be applied as follows.


Correct Use of Masks

Mask thread is also an important condition. After wearing the mask, if the hand is brought closer to the front of the mask, exhalation is felt and the temperature of the breath is felt in the palm, that mask will not be good as protection. When masks become dirty or wet, they should be changed immediately. Apart from this situation, it would be appropriate to change it twice or once a day, if possible in connection with the duration of use. In other words, the fabric mask must be washed at the end of the day in daily use.

N95 Code Mask

N95 coded masks are used by everyone. However, these coded masks are actually not suitable for daily use.


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