Relations between South Korea and Mexico continue to become increasingly solid and now, given the health emergency that is going through the world, the Asian country has made a significant donation to Mexico.

According to the report, the Seoul City Council, the capital of South Korea, made a donation to the Latin American country of protective suits for toilets and Covid-19 control agents. The South Korean Embassy in Mexico announced last Wednesday that 3,500 protective suits, valued at about $ 50,000, arrived in Mexico City.

This donation was made specifically to DF, the capital of Mexico with which South Korea established brotherhood ties in 1992 and has maintained exchanges since then.

Upon receiving the donation, the local authorities of Mexico sent a letter of thanks to Seoul, as this donation is especially significant given the crisis the world is currently experiencing due to the pandemic.

On the other hand, South Korea is currently going through a severe crisis, since it has reached what may be the peak plus some infections since the health emergency due to Covid-19 began.

This has led to extreme measures of distancing and biosecurity, even closing some establishments and prohibiting mass celebrations or meetings of more than five people, which has clearly interfered with the New Year celebrations.

We hope that, both in Mexico and South Korea and in the rest of the world, Covid-19 will stop being a concern very soon.


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