Instagram has added some new additions to your creative options in both Reels and Stories and also changed a few functions available. First, it was reported that Instagram adds new ‘Audio Mix’ and Voice-over ‘options to your Reels composition tools in Reels, as shared by social media expert Matt Navarra.

What are the new features of Instagram Reels?

Options allow users to add additional audio tracks to Reels clips via audio or music clips, while also providing volume controls to further edit your presentation. TikTok has the same functionality, so it’s no surprise that this feature appears on Reels, which is also a copy of TikTok. You can access the new ‘Mix audio’ and Speaking ‘options by tapping the microphone at the top of the Reels composer screen. Navarra notes that Instagram now adds a Reels ”tab to the top left of your clips and will help build brand awareness if your Reels clips are reposted.

In addition, Lindsey Gamble announced that Instagram has also updated the ‘Edit Clips’ option within Reels. The feature provides users with more specific capacity to change each item. Instagram updated Reels editing options in September, including improved crop and delete options. However, this new control seems to provide more specific editing capacity in each section. Gamble also points out that Branded Content tags for Reels are now appearing for more users.

“Camera Cabinet” feature in stories

In Instagram Stories, a user named Amrit Kumar shared screenshots of a new ‘Camera Booth’ mode that takes turns shooting.

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Some users are also seeing a new ‘Multi shot’ mode that takes several photos at the same time without having to press the button repeatedly, which makes the same function easier. Mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi also shared with users this view of a new ‘Color Filter’ mode in Stories that allows you to adjust the density of the filter to be applied to the photo / video.

These are all relatively minor additions. However, they can be useful in highlighting your Reels and Stories. Instagram hasn’t confirmed the exact release dates for each of them. But if you haven’t checked your app since the last update, you can take a look and see what you can access in your tools.


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