The release date of Alder Lake processors with DDR5 support becomes clear. The chips appear to be the fastest intergenerational transition in Intel history, after Rocket Lake.

The hardware world is eagerly waiting for the first platforms with DDR5 support as DDR4 comes to an end.

Alder Lake, which we know will be available at the end of the year after being detailed in September for a while, is coming next November, according to the last share.

New generation within 8 months

It seems that Intel along with Alder Lake will switch to the new processor generation only 8 months apart after Rocket Lake. This may be one of the fastest transitions in Intel history.

Alder Lake processors, which will come with a heterogeneous design, will work similar to ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture with powerful cores and energy efficient cores.

The 12th generation processor family, which will be Intel’s first 10 nm processors on the desktop, will also bring important technologies such as DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. According to the shared slides, the company aims to improve 20% between generations with Alder Lake.

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