Is Asset Management fund announced that it has made investments in leading companies in the field of crypto.

Is Asset Management published the first performance report of this fund for Blockchain technology. With the fund, investments in leading companies in the cryptocurrency field started to be invested. A total of 40 companies are invested in Is Asset Management Blockchain Technologies Mixed Fund. It is also worth noting that “crypto assets and cryptocurrency market transactions are not included” in the fund portfolio. According to the company’s report, among the companies invested are MicroStrategy, Coinbase, mining company Ebang:

Invested companies

MicroStrategy was the first company to add Bitcoin (BTC) to its balance sheet in the summer of 2020. Since then, the US-based company continues to buy Bitcoin (BTC) without slowing down. The company’s CEO, Michael Saylor, has expressed his positive feelings about BTC on several occasions. He is also interested in the cryptocurrency field in general.

Coinbase went public in April and surprised many with its valuation of over $ 100 billion. Many experts in the field of crypto defined this move of the USA’s most preferred Bitcoin and altcoin exchange, Coinbase, as a “turning point” for the industry. Ebang, on the other hand, is a blockchain company with special powerful integrated circuit (ASIC) chip design capability. With ASIC manufacturing experience, it has become a leading Bitcoin (BTC) mining machine manufacturer.

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