Experienced IT Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (NASDAQ: IIJI), the DeCurret exchange is one of Japan’s most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Apparently DeCurret is not afraid of US regulators’ attack on XRP and Ripple Inc.

XRP Army: Restarts DeCurret’s XRP Business

The #RelistXRP movement celebrates another victory as the popular crypto-fiat exchange returned XRP to its trading package.

According to the XRP-focused Anonymous Twitter account XRP Owl, top Japanese cryptocurrency exchange DeCurret has re-listed the XRP token and allowed it to be traded in several pairs.

It is not that easy to check whether this announcement is correct, as DeCurret does not have an interface in European languages. Meanwhile, in the order book, XRP; Ready to trade with both Bitcoin (BTC) and Japanese Yen.

Additionally, the XRP / JPY trading pair was also featured in a recent Twitter post covering the adjustment of trading rules for major trading products. Therefore, it can be confirmed that the XRP token can be traded on the DeCurret exchange without any restrictions, despite the regulatory pressure it faces in the USA.

#RelistXRP Movement Goes Viral On Social Media
Many trading services around the world have ended XRP trading due to SEC charges against Ripple Inc. However, Japanese digital banking firms, Ripple Inc. and welcomes payment instruments powered by the XRP token.

To get crypto exchanges to rethink their practices, the passionate and aggressive XRP community (XRP Army) has launched a viral #RelistXRP flashmob on Twitter. According to U.Today’s report in March, this hashtag has entered the “trend” lists in many European countries.


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