Korean netizens were recently shocked after learning about the price of the necklace used by Joy Red Velvet.

It’s no secret that celebrities usually use clothes or jewelry with exorbitant prices.

However, the necklace that Joy used in an event caused many Korean netizens to be shocked because the price was quite expensive.

The necklace comes from the luxury brand TASAKI, which sells for US $ 374,364 or equivalent to 4.7 billion Rupiah.

Knowing the price of the necklace, Korean netizens on the Pann site commented:

“Wow, crazy, if I were Joy I would be afraid if something happened to her necklace, to the point that it would make me unable to dance because I was constantly worried,”

“Isn’t this the most expensive sponsored item ever accepted by a girl group member? I think I’ve heard people say that, ”

“Even though this is a sponsor item, it is still very extraordinary. Really very expensive, ”

“Joy is like carrying four luxury cars around her neck,”

“What kind of necklaces cost that much? The price is very expensive, “and many more shock comments.


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