If the presence of Hannah Baker in season 4 of 13 Reasons Why is undeniable, did Katherine Langford really play in the last episode?

Clap end for 13 Reasons Why on Netflix! Despite all the controversy engendered by the show, the series for teenagers spread beautiful messages throughout its episodes. If the creator said he initially wanted to make 13 Reasons Why an anthology series, seasons 2, 3 and 4 tried to provide a correct follow-up to the suicide of Hannah Baker. It would have been difficult to conclude the series without a last appearance from Hannah, especially when you know how much it matters to Clay. However, has his interpreter Katherine Langford really shot new scenes for the passage of heroin? The latter had promised after season 2 - in which she appeared - that it was the last time that she played in 13 Reasons Why.


And the actress has indeed kept her word: the images of Hannah that we see in the final season are extracted from the first season of 13 Reasons Why, from episode 5 more precisely. In this scene, Hannah was in front of Clay in an evening dress, and it was at this precise moment that he understood that he loved her much more than he wanted to make him believe. Clay sees one last time “the memory” of the one he will love until the end of his life, so that he can really move on. Clay can say goodbye to all of his ghosts from the past, and rewrite a new page in his history. Too bad the last episodes of 13 Reasons Why (Netflix) were riddled with WTF inconsistencies within the plot!


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