Lionsgate began preparations for the movie about the pre-The Hunger Games. The movie, which will focus on the youth of President Snow, will be directed by Francis Lawrence, who signed the last three films of the series.

The Hunger Games series, which was adapted from the cinema series of Suzanne Collins to the cinema and making Jennifer Lawrence announce the name to large audiences, made its name in the list of films adapted from young adult books such as Twilight. The Hunger Games series, which included important names in the cast, could not fully fill the dystopia he described and was inadequate to reflect the moods of the young people living in that world. Despite these features, which we consider as negative, the series has achieved great success at the box office worldwide.

Adapting the last novel of the series to cinema in the form of two films, just like Harry Potter, Lionsgate ended the series’ screening adventure in 2015 with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2. However, Lionsgate’s acquisition of the rights of Suzanne Collins’ new novel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, showed that he could not easily give up the series.

It was a question of whether this novel, which was the subject of the pre-The Hunger Games and which will be released on May 19, will be filmed. An official statement recently made this a reality. According to the news of Collider, Lionsgate started preparations for the movie about the pre-The Hunger Games.

Francis Lawrence will direct the movie, which is based on The Hunger Games
The film, which will take the audience 64 years before the events in The Hunger Games, will be directed by Francis Lawrence, who has signed the last three films of the series and is quite dominant in the world of The Hunger Games. Michael Arndt, who won an Oscar with Little Miss Sunshine and is one of the screenwriters of Catching Fire, the second film of the series, will write the screenplay. The producer of the series, Nina Jacobson, will also produce this movie.

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The movie will focus on the youth of Coriolanus Snow, which we watch as the cruel president in The Hunger Games series. 18-year-old handsome and intelligent Snow thinks that his fate will change when he is chosen as a mentor for the 10th Hunger Games. However, Snow leaves her enthusiasm to mentor a girl from the 12th district, a poor region.

Adopting a strict management style in The Hunger Games, seeing the youth of Snow and witnessing the chain of events that brought him to this point includes an interesting material for the movie. You can follow the new developments about the movie, where the cast and vision history have not been announced yet, on our site.


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