The independent promoter Lucha Libre Vanguardia will return to action on June 20 with ‘Tierra de Oportunidades’, its first event after more than two months of forced stoppage due to the COVID-19 crisis. The evening, in which Black Mask Lucha Libre (BMLL) and Kingdom Wrestling also collaborate, will be held behind closed doors and will be broadcast live on Mas Lucha’s YouTube channel, which will activate a donation system during the broadcast to support the fighters.

‘Tierra de Oportunidades’, a show that will feature three titular fights and a ‘Royal Battle’, will have the debut of Invisible Man, a character recognized for his work in the American Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) during the last two years.

The complete card for ‘Lucha Libre Vanguardia: Tierra de Oportunidades’ is as follows:

AKE Championship - Surprise Mode
Cyclops vs. Invisible man

Crowd in the Ring - For a starting opportunity for a championship of your choice
15 fighters to confirm

BMLL Tag Team Championships
Los Macizos (Cyclops & Extreme Fear) (c) vs. Two surprise rivals

BMLL Cruising Championship
Draztick Boy (c) vs. White Wolf vs. Falcon Fire

Kingdom Wrestling vs. Odaiba Squad
Sagittarius Jr. & Suspense vs. Jitsu & Kunay

Vanguardia and GCW, an alliance for long

The appearance of Invisible Man in Vanguardia marks the beginning of a collaborative relationship between the Mexican promoter and the American GCW. On this occasion, Invisible Man will face Cíclope, who for two years has been the GCW World Champion in Couples along with Extreme Fear, in a fight that will have Santy Hernández as special referee.

As confirmed by the Vanguard itself, the alliance between companies is a reality and from now on, when the health authorities allow it, the exchange of talents will be habitual. In this way, GCW, which in the past maintained relations with Total Ultraviolent Disaster (DTU), confirms its intention to expand throughout Mexico.

Along with Vanguardia, GCW will also work this year with the ultraviolent promoter ZONA 23. After the cancellation of their first joint evening in early May for the coronavirus, the promoter of ZONA 23, Abel Guerrero, assured that both companies are working so that the talent sharing “be a continuum” from now on.

A night of surprises

Vanguardia has announced that ‘Tierra de Oportunidades’ will be an event in which there will be “more than five or six” surprise appearances. One of them, already confirmed, will be that of a foreign fighter in the Royal Battle of 15 men.

“There are many more surprises coming for this event, a couple of returns to the ring and a surprise fighter that will leave many surprised, because of the fact that it is difficult for him to travel but he will be present, and no, he is not the Invisible Man, neither the guys from Kingdom Wrestling, nor the foreigner who will also enter, is another one, until the day of the event they will know it ”, explained one of the promoters of Lucha Libre Vanguardia, Miedo Extremo, in statements to Más Lucha.


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