COVID-19 | Microsoft gives priority to emergency services when accessing Azure.

The Microsoft also is moving to help fight the new coronavirus. Access to the services of Azure, the cloud computing platform of the Redmond giant, will have emergency and emergency services as a priority if the storage and service capacity reaches borderline filling levels.

This decision comes shortly after the company had some problems with Microsoft Teams last week, when demand increased by almost 40% amid the recommendations of companies by the home-office regime during the current coronavirus pandemic. Microsoft is now trying to avoid impacting existing customers while managing new demands.

“We are actively monitoring trends in performance and usage 24/7 to ensure that services are optimized and work as expected. As demand continues to grow and perhaps we face restrictions in any region during that period, we have established criteria clear for the priority of the new cloud capability. The priority will be to assist first responders, health and emergency management services, organizational use of critical government infrastructure and ensure that remote employees remain up and running with the core functionality of the teams, “he explains. Microsoft, in a post on the Azure blog.

The giant also says it is partnering with governments around the world to ensure that on-premises data centers have teams and can provide services in the cloud. It also says it is prepared to offer free cloud tools to provide support to current customers.


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