All over the world, the military coup is bringing great disaster to nations and countries. Space technology has also suffered from the disaster in Myanmar.


The military coup that threatened democracy and human rights and caused countries to go back, this time hit Myanmar. Myanmar is a poor country and its human development index is also very low. However, despite all adverse conditions, efforts are underway to send satellites to space to track agricultural activities. According to the statement from the Japan Aerospace Research Agency, Myanmar’s satellite is being held on the International Space Station.

Until Myanmar re-establishes democracy, it is not in a position to look ahead for now due to internal turmoil. The satellite was created by the Japanese University of Hokkaido as part of a joint project with the University of Myanmar Aerospace Engineering (MAEU). It is a $ 15 million micro satellite funded by the Myanmar government. Reportedly, it is the first of two 50 kg micro satellites with multiple chambers. It was planned to be used in the implementation of various projects related to agriculture and fisheries.

On the other hand, some Japanese officials emphasized that they are worried about the use of the satellite for military purposes, and that the satellite will not be delivered for now because it may cause deaths if used by the army. However, according to Myanmar engineers, the satellite will only be used for agriculture and fishing and will not have anything to do with the military. MAEU rector Professor Kyi Thwin, who played an important role in this project after the coup in Myanmar, prefers to remain silent on this issue.

Japan, taking into account every possibility, seems determined not to surrender the satellite before the elections are held and democracy prevails in the country.


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