NASA's Mars 2020 rover will store rock and soil samples in sealed tubes on the planet's surface for future missions to retrieve.

For the first time, NASA has released a promotional video for the new spacecraft where a flying spacecraft will be sent to Mars. The video shows the purpose of the mission and which vehicles will go to Mars.

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will officially launch the next Mars mission with its new launch event on July 30. In the mission that will search for traces of life thought to exist in Mars in the past, the samples taken from Mars will also be brought to Earth. At least the goal is in this direction…

By publishing a new video on the official YouTube channel, NASA outlines why it will launch a new Mars mission in the video, the spacecraft to be used in the mission, and the objectives of the mission in simple language. The video, created with 2-dimensional animations, starts with the article “We are going back to Mars”.

“NASA is sending a new exploration tool to investigate the Red Planet. (Vehicle) After a 7-month journey, it will reach the surface with a 7-minute landing and land on the Jezero Crater. ” In the video that uses expressions, the name of the new Mars exploration vehicle is Perseverance and the name of the small helicopter that accompanies it is Ingenuity.

Ingenuity will be the first flying spacecraft to Mars, so its capabilities on Mars will be an important reference for future missions. However, NASA plans to bring the soil samples it has collected from Mars to Earth for the first time with this mission.

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