Report by Grid.ID reporter, Mia Della Vita

Grid.ID - Dispatch finally uncovered bullying cases committed by Taeyong NCT.

As is known, some time ago, Taeyong NCT’s behavior in the past was again brought up by netizens.

The issue was re-discussed after an informant claimed to have evidence that Taeyong NCT was bullying at school.

He also threatened to release the recording evidence because he was upset with Taeyong fans.

The dispatch finally investigated what happened in Taeyong’s past.

Here are the results of the Grid.ID Dispatch investigation, quoting from Koreaboo, Wednesday (6/24/2020).

May 2, 2009 - Beginning of the Taeyong Incident

This is the first incident to drag Taeyong’s name. He left comments on the class board when he was in 8th grade.

“Wow. There are 10 people here, but it looks like there are 13,” Taeyong wrote.

Nearly 10 years have passed since the incident, informant B uploaded a post about the problem.

Through SM Entertainment, Taeyong also conveyed an apology in 2019.

He claimed to be sorry for his behavior in the past. The NCT leader even personally visited victims to resolve this problem.

Taeyong also gave compensation to the victims, and decided to keep their settlement a secret.

After that, this case is considered finished until June 2020.

June 2020 - Informant B Reappears

Informant B again brought up the problem in June 2020.

He admitted he was upset with Taeyong fans who often terrorized him.

Informant B finally claimed that Taeyong did not sincerely apologize to the victim.

“Taeyong is not sincere in his apology,” wrote informant B.

He also included a screenshot of a text message conversation allegedly between the victim and Taeyong.

The victim said, “At that time, I hoped to meet you and want to get a sincere apology, no pretense.”

“I just wanted to be friends again as before, so I sent this long message,” the victim wrote.

Taeyong also replied, “Thank you for worrying about my health. I will remain cautious and manage it well.”

In this chat, Taeyong was judged not to show sincerity when apologizing.

He did not even put the word ‘sorry’ in his short message.

The contents of Taeyong’s message and the victim who was edited by his BH informant a few minutes before the message above, the victim expressed his concern for Taeyong’s health.

“Is your back okay? It seems like you always say it’s okay.”

“My mother also said that because of back pain, doing things can be difficult. Little by little and also resting.”

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“To be honest, when people around me say your apology is a lie, I tell them it’s not true.”

“I’m sure your apology wrote, because you came to show your head when apologizing. That’s when I found out, you’re sincere,” wrote the victim.

Dispatch stated, Informant B deliberately threw away the victim’s text messages about Taeyong’s back pain.

That way, Taeyong looks insincere to apologize, and only talks about unrelated things.

After meeting the victim at the beginning of the meeting, Taeyong apologized again

On October 11, 2019, Taeyong and the victims met for the first time.

The two of them began exchanging messages after their meeting.

Taeyong then returned apologizing to the victim in the message he sent.

“Once again, I want to say I’m sorry. We may not be able to talk often.”

“Please understand if I cannot immediately respond, and please continue to support me. Thank you,” Taeyong wrote.

Despite his busy schedule, Taeyong promised to continue to keep in communication with the victim.

May 15, 2020

“Hello! This is Taeyong. Are you okay? Last time I said I would invite you to our concert.”

“But because of the corona virus, we can’t have a real concert, so it must be an online concert.”

“It’s Sunday at 3 pm, and you can watch it on V Live.”

“Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I’ll send you a code. Will this be with baseball? See if you have time,” Taeyong’s message reads.

May 17, 2020

“If you search on the V Live application, there is a store and there is also a coupon code entry section. You can enter the code there. ‘KSJ20OMJ21’,” Taeyong wrote.

“Understood. Lately, doing a new and fresh concert … do well!” reply to the victim.

Taeyong then ended the conversation gratefully and reminded him to take care of his health.

Dispatch Findings Facts

It is true that Taeyong spoke harshly about his friend’s appearance at school.

The victim also claimed to have been hurt by these comments. But Taeyong really said that he tried to correct his mistakes from his past.

Apart from that problem, like the accusations of making fun of gay classmates, that is an untrue claim.

Only informant B claims such things. The dispatch also included witness statements and Taeyong class teachers.

“I was there at the time. Taeyong never acted in a way that would be a problem. It’s not true that the victim threw a chair at Taeyong,” witnesses said.

“As a class teacher, I remember exactly what happened at that time.”

“Taeyong has nothing to do with self-injury.”

“I say this with the conscience of a teacher,” said his class teacher.


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