Louis Camilleri, CEO of automotive giant Ferrari, left the company last week for personal reasons. After this untimely breakup, eyes turned to the new CEO. Today, it turned out that two important names are candidates for the CEO seat. The first of these candidates is said to be designer Jony Ive, nicknamed Sir, who retired from Apple last year, and the second is former Vodafone CEO Vittorio Cola.

However, it turned out that a source close to Colao said he called the claim “unfounded”. As such, eyes turned directly to Jony Ive.

Reuters, referring to the Italian media; Apple announced that Finance Director Luca Maestri and former Design Director Jony Ive are nominated to become Ferrari’s next CEO. Presumably Apple employees will be Ferrari’s new CEO.

Luca Maestri has been Apple’s CFO since 2014 and was previously the company’s Corporate Controller.

Jony Ive left Apple in 2019 to start an independent design company called LoveFrom. However, Jony Ive did not break ties with Apple. Ive; He said the company LoveFrom will remain one of Apple’s primary customers.



It is not uncommon for Apple executives to be called potential candidates for the CEO position. It was reported that Johny Srouji, Apple’s chip production chief, was on the list of candidates for Intel’s CEO position in 2019. However, the position was eventually filled by Bob Swan.

It is not known who will be Ferrari’s new CEO for now. Probably, a name will be brought to the CEO seat, which remains vacant before the end of 2020. Let’s see if this name will be from Apple or will it be another name?


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