Although he was friends with Kanye West at first, Nick Cannon had a disagreement with him in past waters, but it seems that on his part, there are no more resentments. Stopped by paparazzi from TMZ this weekend, the presenter / artist was asked about his opinion on the recent announcement of candidacy, and he revealed that he would vote for Ye ‘if he consolidates the electoral plan.

When asked about his feelings about the West campaign, Cannon simply said, “I love it.” Although Cannon said he does not know about the details surrounding the ‘Ye campaign, he enthusiastically admitted that he could vote for Kanye West in the next election, explaining that he would like to see another black man besides Barack Obama at the helm of the White House.

In addition to Cannon, names like Elon Musk , 2 Chainz , Ty Dolla $ ign, among others have already shown support for Kanye’s idea of ​​running for president of the USA.


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