During NXT TakeOver: In Your House broadcasts via WWE Network, wrestler Io Shirai managed to win the NXT Women’s Championship after defeating Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley in a triple threat.

The confrontation was the main event of the exclusive day for the online platform. The three women managed an even contest, with multiple exchanges between all of them and a domain that was quickly distributed between each one. The action moved to the set for several moments, with Shirai darting from the front door of the house over her two rivals. In the final moments of the contest, Io launched himself at Ripley while receiving the figure eight and managed to finish the fight on behalf of three.


In this way, Io Shirai wins the NXT Women’s Championship, this being the first title she has obtained since her arrival in WWE. “The Queen” ends her second reign with a total of 61 days long since WrestleMania 36. Flair managed to defeat Rhea Ripley on the second day of that great event, which took place on April 5 at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Rhea Ripley returned to NXT several weeks ago
After suffering a disqualification in her starting contest against Io Shirai, Charlotte attacked her opponent with a kendo stick. When she was about to attack her legs, former women’s champion Rhea Ripley appeared to hit Flair but the latter fled the scene. The Japanese got mad at Ripley for meddling, having an altercation outside the Full Sail until they were both separated by security personnel. Both Ripley and Shirai ended up involved in the fight for the title, and came to team up to face Charlotte and Chelsea Green, but were defeated by the champion and her partner.


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