Sasha Banks and Bayley are crowned the new WWE Tag Team champions on SmackDown.

During the last episode of WWE SmackDown, Bayley and Sasha Banks managed to defeat Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss to become the new WWE Tag Team champions.

How was the fight?

Let’s go to the SmackDown main event.

The combat begins with Nikki Cross brutally attacking Bayley. Bayley tries to get rid of Cross by taking her against the corner but Alexa touches her partner to take over. Cross and Bliss are taking turns little by little and have the domain of the content assured. From one moment to the next, Bayley defends himself with a couple of right-handers, charges Alexa and takes over from Sasha Banks. Banks enters the ring attacking Alexa with several kicks and then sends her against the corner. Relay for Bayley and slap Alexa Bliss. Alexa surprises her rival with a roll-up but the account reaches 2. Nikki is back in the ring and tries to try her luck with the account again. The count reaches 2 and sends Bayley out of the ring. Cross faces Sasha but this face to face is not an obstacle to continue attacking Bayley in the ringside area. However, on her return to the ring, Bayley manages to get ahead of her rival and Sasha gives a double knee from the edge of the ring to Nikki Cross.

We returned from commercials and Bayley dominates Nikki Cross until she manages to reverse the situation and gives the relief to Alexa Bliss. Alexa enters the ring and collapses Bayley and Sasha. Sasha goes out of the ring and then Bliss continues against Bayley. Alexa tries Twisted Bliss but interrupts Sasha Banks and makes Bliss lose his way. Bayley climbs on the third rope and applies a Super Bayley to Belly Suplex. He tries the count but reaches 2. Banks enters the ring and continues to insist on getting the count of 3 over the champions. From one moment to the next, Bliss gives Banks a Sunset Flip and Nikki a Tornado DDT to Bayley out of the ring. The champions have control of the fight again, but Banks surprises Cross with a Banks Statement, Bayley is the legal replacement and the two applicants begin to argue because it is not clear who should have the legal replacement. After many turns, Sasha Banks manages to apply the Banks Statement to Nikki Cross, Cross tries to invest it, but Banks does it at the same time and with a roll-up he gets the count of 3.


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