YouTuber JerryRigEverything has tested OnePlus Nord for endurance. However, OnePlus Nord wasn’t very successful at passing. Because the device was particularly disappointing in the bending test.

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus officially introduced the first smartphone in the mid-upper segment, the OnePlus Nord, with an augmented reality-powered online launch last week. With a very budget-friendly price tag compared to flagship OnePlus 8 models like $ 400, OnePlus Nord naturally waives some features to lower the price tag.

One of the features that OnePlus Nord waives is durability. While the flagship OnePlus 8 models come with a metal frame and glass back; The middle-top segment OnePlus Nord comes with a plastic-weighted case. This prevents OnePlus Nord, which creates excitement with its design and features, from meeting the expectations about the user experience.

OnePlus Nord has a plastic-weighted design unlike flagships

The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, which tries to convey the followers of what they promise in terms of durability in daily life by applying scratch and twist tests to popular smartphones, finally put OnePlus Nord on the table and showed how the device performed at the endurance point.

JerryRigEverything, which started its tests with scratch testing as usual, shows that OnePlus Nord started to draw from level 6 like many smartphones. After testing the device’s frame durability, YouTuber strips the frames of OnePlus Nord as if it were rotating.

OnePlus Nord remained in the classroom in bending test

When the burning test is passed, OnePlus Nord is the first big disappointment and the trace of flame on the screen does not pass even after the screen has cooled down. The biggest disappointment is in the bending test. The OnePlus Nord can be extremely bent on both sides and cannot bend back to its original shape after bending. More importantly, after JerryRigEverything pushes the OnePlus Nord a little more, the device’s plastic frame breaks and the screen cracks, making the phone unusable.

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OnePlus Nord excited people close to the industry before it was introduced, and after it was introduced, it attracted the attention of consumers expecting a real price / performance phone. However, JerryRigEverything’s video shows that OnePlus Nord; Although it meets expectations in terms of performance, camera, it definitely stays in the classroom when it comes to durability.

OnePlus Nord endurance test video


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