The application does not show the last connection time, nor when you are online, nor does it let you correct it.

Friday afternoon and WhatsApp with problems … More or less. It is not that the service has fallen and you cannot see or receive messages or videos, but it does mean that something happens to the messaging application, since when you enter the Down Detector web it immediately shows a peak of failures in the Last 2 hours, a time window in which user complaints have been triggered. What happens to the app?

Privacy settings failed

Apparently, none of your contacts on WhatsApp are online, because the failure precisely affects the privacy settings of the application, which does not show you who of your contacts are online and who is not, all appearing as ‘offline’ by default . And another problem is that you can not see the last time a contact was connected or if the messages were sent well, since you do not see the confirmation of the double blue check.

As we see in the failure map, the decline in service has been widespread in much of the world, and the failure of online states is not located in a single country or continent. In the American continent, specifically in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil, things have worked well.

But what is the whole of central and northern Europe, the failure has been very strong, especially in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, southern England and northern France. In Spain, the fall has focused on Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia and Seville.

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The app won’t let you fix it

In the privacy settings of WhatsApp, there is a function that allows you to disconnect at the time you last connected, if you are online or when reading a message. But the failure is affecting all those who have and do not have these settings connected.

The problem is that if you try to fix it, when you enter that section -WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Privacy-, you get a message that says “Failed to update the privacy settings, please try again later”, and not lets you make changes.


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