While the world was dealing with Corona virus, American and British scientists produced an interactive map of the world. On the map, where combinations of heat and moisture are processed, countries that will not be experienced in the world are announced very soon.

Countries that will not be experienced very soon have been determined
With the interactive map produced by scientists, data reflecting the climate load of the human body were collected according to the average air temperature of each region. According to the study published in the journal Science Advances, there are dozens of regions in the world that are not possible to live already.

Many scientific publications on global climate change highlight deadly combinations of deadly high temperatures and humidity that transcend physiological limits of human life. It is stated that this equation will soon make it impossible to live in some tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Scientists at Columbia University World Institute and Loughborough University have shown how close humanity is to this limit, which can lead to mass migration and the collapse of national economies.

Scientists analyzed the data collected by 7 877 meteorology stations located at different points between 1979 and 2017. He found that in many parts of the world, climate variables periodically exceed the limits of human life.

“Previous researchers had predicted this would be decades later, and we showed that this is something that is happening now.” found in the description. It was also announced that there are thousands of places that could not be experienced in Asia, Africa, Australia, South and North America. The shores of the Basra and the Gulf of Mexico and the shores of the Indian Ocean, there are many places where hot air absorbs evaporating seawater and generates a high degree of moisture.

Scientists who state that global warming has these consequences; He explained that excessive heat and moisture attacks were observed in most of the territory of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, in the coasts of northwestern Australia, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, in California, in some of Southeast Asia, South China, Africa and the Caribbean.


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