Stellar is integrated with Samsung’s Blockchain wallet. Thus, it was possible to store and use XLM in Samsung’s official built-in wallet.

Stellar has been integrated with Samsung Blockchain Keystore in a statement from the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), which supports the growth and development of the Stellar network.

As a result of the integration, it is stated that Samsung device users can securely store their keys associated with Stellar Blockchain wallets on their phones. Thus, it will be possible to store and manage the private key securely, simply.

SDF’s CEO Denelle Dixon said, “It is very important and therefore excited to offer a really simple way for users to store their keys and use them on the chain.” said.

While many software wallets that hold private keys on behalf of users have been present on computers and various devices for a long time, these software are under great threat from vulnerabilities. Samsung fully believes in the security of its solution.

Samsung first launched the Blockchain Keystore with the Galaxy S10 in March 2019. The technology giant, which initially provided support for Ethereum, also provided Bitcoin support in the summer of the same year. Since then more than 30 cryptocurrencies, including stable cryptocurrencies, have been integrated into the phone.

Limited number of countries and phones

Samsung’s cryptocurrency wallet is currently available in a limited number of countries and phone models. The phone series that currently includes the wallet are Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10. It is estimated that the adoption of the Stellar block chain will increase with the spread of the application to more countries and models.


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