Police protests and protests continue for the black citizen George Floyd, who was killed by the police in Minneapolis, USA, while police Derek Chauvin was reportedly arrested.

Police officer Derek Chauvin, who murdered black citizen George Floyd in the USA by kneeling for a minute, was arrested.


In the city of Minneapolis, USA, on the 3rd day of the events that started after black American George Floyd died as a result of police violence, the demonstrators entered the police station and set the building on fire.

The agenda for the death of George Floyd, which has become the most important item on the agenda of the US public, remains warm. In the demonstrations that started on Tuesday in the 3rd district of Minneapolis, where Floyd died, the clashes between the police and mostly black protesters continued on the night of the third day.


US President Donald Trump threatened the city’s mayor and demonstrators after the demonstrations that started in Minneapolis after George Floyd was killed by police violence, turned into violent events.

Trump reacted on Twitter after a police station was set on fire and looted some businesses on the 3rd night of the demonstrations in Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed by police violence. “I can’t sit back and watch what happened to America’s gorgeous city, Minneapolis,” Trump said.


George Floyd, 46, had begged for a minute “I can’t breathe” because a police officer pressed his knee for a long time while being detained by police in Minneapolis for suspected fraud.

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It was stated that Floyd lost his life in the hospital, where he was removed by the emergency medical teams coming to the scene, and the images recorded by the passersby on their mobile phones were shared on social media.

The images re-fueled the police violence discussions against blacks in the country and led to protests in many cities, especially in Minneapolis.

Governor Walz, who declared an emergency in the state, announced that he had appointed the National Guard to assist the police in the area and take control of the situation.


Born in 1974 in the USA, George Floyd came from Houston to work in Minneapolis. Floyd was 46 years old, working as a security officer at the Conga Latina Bistro.


Images of George Floyd’s resistance to the police marked social media. In the incident, which some eyewitnesses were viewing with their phones, it was seen that the handcuffed George Floyd repeatedly begged “Please, I can’t breathe, please,” but remained immobile after a while, but the police did not shoot the knee for a while.


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