US Justice Secretary William Barr announced that U.S. President Trump had fired Manhattan Prosecutor Geoffrey Berman. “I asked the president to dismiss you, because he declared that you do not intend to resign,” said Minister Barr, who made a statement regarding Berman, who is known as the prosecutor of the Halkbank case in the USA.

Justice Minister Barr used harsh statements in a letter to Chief Prosecutor Berman. “Unfortunately, with your explanation last night, you chose to show off not to the public, but to the public,” said Barr. “I asked the president to dismiss you because you declared that you did not intend to resign and he did this.”

Barr said:

* You have made a false implication that your stay in your statement is necessary to properly handle the ongoing investigations within the prosecution. This is wrong.

* I expect the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office to continue handling the investigation files in the normal course and in line with the applicable standards, policy and guidance of the ministry.

* In the next period, if a decision is taken or a step is taken that is concluded that there is an inappropriate intervention in any case, the Ministry of Justice General Inspector, who I am authorized to examine this claim, will be informed immediately.


The US Department of Justice announced that New York South District Attorney General Berman, who also carried out the Halkbank investigation suddenly on Friday night, resigned. Our investigations will continue. ”

Berman; Rıza Sarraf was appointed approximately two and a half years ago in the place of the former Chief Prosecutor Preet Bharara, who filed the case against Hakan Atilla and Halkbank. Berman also launched an investigation into Trump’s lawyer and close friend Rudolph Giuliani.


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